mba in Mexico

Due to the growing economic and commercial development of Mexico, careers associated with business and administration offer a wide range of possibilities for graduates. More and more companies and organizations demand specialized professionals in the sector, who can provide solutions and business strategies in national and international contexts.

One of the main attractions to study Business is that it offers multiple possibilities for job growth and the salaries of professionals are very high compared to the salaries of other sectors.

There are many reasons to believe that the Business and Administration course is an excellent option for the future. If you want to do your studies in this area, we tell you which the most recommended Mexican universities in the sector are, according to the QS Ranking.

Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM):

This centre of studies is in the first place, as the best university to study Business and Administration in Mexico. The Tecnológico de Monterrey is recognized for its cutting-edge programs, focused on the preparation of professionals capable of efficiently managing organizations, through models that favor profitability.

National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM):

It is the highest house of studies in the country and was ranked as the second best institution for students to be trained in business and administration for the quality of their academic programs, focused on The training of professionals are solid knowledge and extensive negotiation skills. Due to its international prestige, having a degree from this institute generates added value for each professional.

Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM):

It is one of the most important institutions of higher education in the country and according to this ranking, it is one of the best places to study Business and Administration. There, specialized education and research works are carried out in the area. The objective of this university is the comprehensive education of citizens and the development of an optimal society, based on knowledge, quality work and innovation.

Bachelor’s degrees

There are several degree programs in Business Administration. Among the most popular bachelor’s degrees are:

Bachelor of Business Administration and Business at ITESM

Bachelor of Administration in ITAM

Bachelor of Administration in the UNAM

Postgraduate courses

Professionals who hold a bachelor’s degree and wish to continue specializing in business and administration can take a postgraduate course. The most outstanding are:

Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management at ITESM

Specialization in Senior Management at UNAM